Sources and video/audio/website links from my talks at BurlyCon 2014

Fan Dancing History:

Videos of most of the traditions I talked about in my lecture:

Burlesque's influence on MidCentury Drag:

Extensive site about the history of drag performance- absolute internet rabbit hole full of scanned programs, newspaper clippings, audio recordings and more. Be prepared to spend hours on here!

Incredible site full of interviews with drag performers and tribute pages. David is also looking to collaborate with film makers about his work in drag and the history of drag. Contact him at cubanlegend @

Joe E. Jeffreys (dir). Dorian: A Picture,

Stormé: The Lady of the Jewel Box about Stormé DeLarverie

Videos on the history of My-O-My

Jimmy Callaway master of ceremonies at Club My O My

Rae/Ray Bourbon recordings

Extensive history of the wacky history of Rae/Ray Bourbon.

Randy A. Riddle is writing a book on Bourbon and shares his research on this web page, including excerpts of Bourbon's autobiography and a pdf file of a novel Bourbon wrote titled, Hookers.

Aleshia Brevard (formerly Lee Shaw) worked both in burlesque as Aleshia and in drag as Lee and her book has some great scenes set in 1960's burlesque and drag shows.
The Woman I Was Not Meant to be- a Transsexual Journey

Hedy Jo Star "I changed my sex!": the autobiography of stripper Hedy Jo Star formerly Carl Hammonds, costumer for burlesque, drag and more. Performed in burlesque and drag.

Half and Half Acts

Half-and-half acts on YouTube

Burlesque Hall of Fame