Books, music and dvds I recommend:
The first show I ever saw! Jane Blevin as Evangeline the Oyster Girl.
Library of Congress American Variety Stage. Vaudeville and popular entertainment 1870-1920. Lots of vaudeville and burlesque films, recordings, scripts and pictures.
Formerly know as the Exotic World Burlesque Museum - The Burlesque Hall of Fame is the home of costumes, jewelry, shoes and thousands of photos of burlesque performers.
Jo Weldon is a self-proclaimed "burlesque groupie" and performer and this is her blog. It's a really fabulous and very complete site dedicated to all things burlesque- modern groups, cool sites and articles on burlesque. She has a great post of resources:
The only all teaching burlesque conference. If you want to learn burlesque or learn to be a better burlesquer, git yer butt to Seattle in the fall!
Like your own little private burlesque theatre, right at your finger tips! There's a massive amount of burlesque videos on Youtube too.
Don has been there since the early days of the new burlesque and has captured it all. He was a contributor to my book and has an incredible body of work.
NYC photographer has tons of great picts of the burlesque stars of today, plus he has a helpful and consistently unpdated calendar of the bounty of burlesque happening in and around Manhattan.
Der Dumboozle? Popular culture excavation site Stuff on French stage star, Mistinguett, burlesque Queen Sally Rand and a buried scandal 'the Pie Girl Dinner'. (plus Geocities still exists? Wow!)
The one, the only Coney Island - burlesque is back at Coney: "a blend of old style Burlesque, new Vaudville and the bizarre.
Modern feminism at its finest - check it out for a girl-tastic experience. Has covered the new burlesque scene since way-back-when.
The amazing and ever changing site of H.D. Reynolds, the designer of my first sites!
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